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Our Work Process

Quarrying natural granites and stones and then installing them in the customers' places is an arduous and long process. We procure all the stones, granites, etc. from our quarries. The best kinds of slabs in terms of color, composition and pattern are selected. Then they are delivered at our company. Once they reach the company, the process work starts off. The slabs are cut into smaller sizes. Our skilled team does the entire work of stone cutting and stone finishing in an efficient manner. Best quality tools and machines are used for carrying out the activities. Clients' requirements and preferences are also kept in mind. Not only this, we also make swift delivery of the end products like Bidasar Slabs and Bidasar Tiles. Right from the stone mining to the delivery of finished products, each work is done properly. As a result, we are able to earn satisfied patronage.

Stone Cutting

The stone blocks that are obtained after quarrying are then sent to the factory for the production of finished product to be used for building purposes. This block is shipped to the factory where cutting process takes place to convert into thin layers called boards or slabs. Thickness of the slabs may vary as required. If the block is large, then the cutting is done with the help of machines, weavers and if the blocks are of small size then the cutting is done through rock cuttings.

Stone Mining

Mining of the stone is primarily dependent on the extent as well as thickness of the natural deposits. Basically, quarrying and open-pit mining processes are used for this purpose. This process requires blasting as well as drilling and after this the crushed rock is sent to manufacturing facility using conveyors or trucks. The mining process of natural stones produces a considerable amount of waste not only in the form of waste rock or non-used material but also includes cutting sludge obtained from other processes.

Stone Finishing

The appearance and touch of the stone constitutes an integral part of its marketing and several techniques like honing, bush hammering etc are used. Impact finishing, mechanical finishing or chemical finishing is used depending upon the differing appearances. Mechanical finishing changes the surface finish to accomplish required stone properties. Impact finishing is used to improve the roughness of the surface while chemicals are used on the surface to alter the finish of the stone. Marble is hard or silky matte finished, it all depends on the finishing of the surface and the purpose as well as impact it is used for.

Dedicated and supported team of workers is the biggest strength of the company. The company possess experienced professionals who helped immensely in attaining success with their hard work and professionalism. They are experts in managing all the operations from purchasing raw material to delivery of finished goods.

Company has established its outlets in various locations. It has a capacious warehouse to stock bulk quantities of marbles and natural stones for fulfilling urgent requirements. Elegant Natural Stones Private Limited makes innumerable efforts to achieve optimum client satisfaction.

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