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Stone Finishing

Based on their composition and types, stones are available with various textures and surface finishing options. The surface of each stone is meticulously processed to attain a flawless texture.  Stones are divided into seven categories as per their surface finishing or texture.

1. Natural surfaces: This type of surface is obtained by precisely splitting the stone to unveil its original texture or grain. The splitting work is done to remove uneven surface of stone so that the stone can attain a natural smooth surface.

2. Honed surfaces: These types of non reflective finish is achieved by crushing the surface of the stone by utilizing a high grit material. These surfaces are not as glossy as polished surfaces. The glossiness of these surfaces is attained by using a polishing head. These surfaces are permeable to some extent and are truly smooth. These are ideal for developing flooring of residential buildings, novelty items and table tops.

3. Sawn surfaces: These types of surfaces can be attained by cutting stone surfaces with a gang saw. The achieved coarsely polished surfaces are not completely even. These stone surfaces are perfect for designing landscape, walls, gate entries, patios and other construction designing purpose.

4. Bush Hammered surfaces: These types of surface textures can be accomplished by striking stone surfaces with hammer. These surfaces are featured with pitted or grooved texture.

5. Polished surfaces: These types of surfaces are featured with extremely uniform and mirror like texture. The sheen of these surfaces is attained by using polishing powder or polishing bricks during their production. The polishing work executed on their surfaces does not damage penetration level of stone and this polishing work can be executed only on crystalline surfaces. This method helps to reveal original color and grain quality of stone. These types of surfaces are used for developing counter tops, fireplace facings, lavatory tops, novelty items, table top, wall cladding etc.

6. Flamed surfaces: These surfaces are reckoned for their uneven finishing caused by heating of stone. The crystals of the stone are fragmented after heating that results in rough texture. The color and pattern of these surfaces are different for different stones. These types of surfaces are utilized for designing fire proof  material surfaces, chemistry laboratories and fireplace facings.

7. Sand Blasted surfaces: These types of surfaces are accomplished by throwing a high pressure airline coarse grained grit on the surface of stones. These are featured with partially divided or split like finishing and shiny texture.

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