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Stone Cutting
A precisely cut and sparkling stone is truly an object of visual treat that can enhance the overall look of your home, garden, office or other places where it is utilized. It involves rigorous processing methods to provide glossiness and polished look to an ordinary stone. It requires several processing steps.

The normal stones are processed by utilizing two steps that include stone quarrying and stone processing. The preliminary stages of processing of stones are executed at a quarry from where stones are procured. The stone extraction process includes four different stages that include primary cut, bank overturning, cutting bank in blocks with specific design and material handling.

But performing all these four stages is not necessary if there is insufficient number of blocks or stones. In that case, stones with specific dimensions are developed directly.

The stone cutting process is executed as per the type of stone. After cutting, the stones are conveyed to the processing unit and the remaining waste is dispatched to the disposal units by loading these on trucks and loaders. After procuring of blocks from quarry, these are processed by using a number of methods that convert these into final products. In present market scenario, standard quality polishing and dimensional accuracy are of utmost importance.

The processing technique has a key role in natural stone industry. The market value and processing cost of natural stones are different as various stones require separate processing methods that involve utilization of different machinery and different technical knowledge. Usually, natural stone processing works are performed through several stages that involve squaring of blocks, cutting these into slabs by saws, polishing of slabs, transforming slabs into strips, converting strips into tiles and apply different finishing on these.
Advanced equipment and cutting edge technical knowledge are utilized to provide finished stones that have been processed in sync with international quality of standards.

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