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Stone Minning

Stone mining denotes extraction of stones or minerals from the earth by utilizing advanced mining machinery. Mining or quarrying natural stone is quite laborious job that involves several lengthy procedures. Each of this step is necessary for long lasting nature of processed stones.  These steps include

1. Surface mining : It involves removal of dirt and upper bedrock for excavation of buried ore from the core of the earth.

2. Quarrying: In this step, sample of stone outcrops with specified pattern, texture and color are collected by boring into the earth surface and are conveyed to laboratories for testing purpose. For its successful implementation, properties like strength, crack level, mineral composition and uniformity of composition of stones are evaluated. As part of its next step, the quarry is prepared for extraction of blocks by removing dirt and debris deposited inside the extraction site. Advanced drilling equipment and diamond wire cables are used for cutting large block into smaller pieces that are later conveyed to the factory for giving these uniform size. Sometimes, dynamite is also used for creating cracks in excavated stones to reduce time and effort required for cutting of these stones. Also referred as open pit mining, this process include horizontal or vertical cutting of channels into the rock for extraction of a slice of stone from the large rock. Minerals and stones like coal, gypsum, granite, limestone, dimension stone,sandstone, marble and slate are extracted by utilizing this technique.

3. Strip mining : This type of mining includes cutting trench on the earth's surface for exposing a layer of deposited minerals like coal.

4. Rock Blasting process : It involves utilization of explosive materials for creation of hollow spaces on the surface of rocks. To implement this process, in-depth survey works are conducted to avert all sorts of hazardous conditions. This process is useful for fragmentation of rocks in a Eco-friendly manner.

5. Processing : After reaching factory, these smaller blocks are precisely cut by utilizing gang saw which is equipped with adjustable blades for precise cutting purpose. After that, the blocks are crushed by jaw crusher and impact crusher. As its next step, these blocks are passed to the polishing section of factory where coarse diamond abrasives are used to polish their surfaces by polishing heads. Stones like marbles are treated with epoxy compound or resin to fill their spots. This process is performed to simplify polishing of uneven surfaces of stones.

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